Alternative Housing

Additional Options


Bug Screen: This screen keeps the insects out. No more buzzing mosquitos.

Center Ring Insert: Finely crafted wood frame fits into the center ring and comes with optional bug screen.

Dome: This tinted dome blocks approximately 60% of the heat coming through the skylight, and only marginally affects the natural light. Keeps the Yurt cooler in unshaded locations.

Dome Opener: Opens the dome skylight to allow the escape of hot air or moisture that may get trapped at the ceiling. This creates a natural convection cooling system for refreshing comfort. Includes extension handle.

Fan Support: This sculpted wood support fits into the center ring and allows the installation of a ceiling fan for improved air circulation.

Tropical Cupola: Designed for hot tropical environments, this powder-coated steel framework has an architectural fabric cover and replaces the dome skylight. It provides shade and creates a natural cooling system by allowing maximum air flow for refreshing comfort.


Rain Diverter: The rain diverter is an inverted v-shaped fabric pouch welded over the door with PVC inserts to channel water away from the door entry.

Solar Skylight Arc: Not advised for the sharp New Zealand sun.

Top Cover: Made of the highest quality heavy duty 28oz (794 grams) roofing material, with a 15 year material manufacturer’s warranty. This top is available in Tan, White or Gray. Also available our standard top cover of Vinyl/ Polyester which comes in Forest Green or Putty with a minimum 7 year warranty.

Guttering System: This system collects water run-off from the roof, which also prevents it from running down the outside wall. Made of rigid PVC material it can be retrofit.


Side Cover: 100% Polyester Acrylic coated material which is available in seven popular colours. Optional heavy duty side cover in Vinyl/Polyester which comes in five colours.

Tall Wall Upgrade: The standard wall height is approximately 6’ (1.83m). The Tall Wall option raises this to approximately 7’ (2.13m) and increases the door height from 1.7m to 1.9m.


Additional Windows: Windows can be located around the perimeter of the Yurt to provide additional light and ventilation. They are made of clear vinyl, framed in 2” (5 cm) marine grade velcro and include zippered weather flaps and sewn-in screens.

Insulated Window Covers: Optional easy to attach and remove for the coldest time of year.


Extra Door and Frame: Add a back or side entrance for easy access to decks, hot tub, etc. The extra door and frame is a standard panel door, but can also be upgraded to a window door, double window door or French door. Available on 16’ (4.9m)diameter and larger sizes.

French Door: French doors are double doors with the levers in the middle. They have small cedar panels at the bottom and acrylic windows above and below the handles for added light and views. Available on 16’ (4.9m) diameter and larger Yurts.

Screen Door: Beautiful solid wood screen door with self-closing hinges provides extra ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

Standard Door: Beautiful solid wood door with inset cedar panels.

Window Door: It has all the strength and beauty of our standard door, but features a large Plexiglas window for added light. Also available with acrylic in both the top and bottom panels (double window door).


Cable Tie-Down: The cable tie-down system attaches to the center ring in four locations and secures to a recessed eyebolt in the center of the floor. It can be installed and removed as needed for severe wind conditions. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Snow and Wind Kit as an additional level of protection.

Central Column: This system upgrades your rafters, center ring and hardware and adds a steel column support. Ideal where engineered high snow load capacity is required. Available only with Snow and Wind Kit.

Rafter / Ring/ Hardware Upgrade: This option upgrades the standard rafters, center ring and hardware for increased snow load capacity. Available only with Snow and Wind Kit.

Snow & Wind Kit: The Snow and Wind Kit consists of a vertical stud under every rafter that is secured to the rafter, lattice wall and floor. In addition, there is a cable blocking system in the rafters. This kit not only adds rigidity, but provides shear to prevent torque. Recommended for high snow and wind conditions. Stainless steel hardware available.


Insulation: Our seven layered reflective insulation was developed by NASA. We cover it with an Ivory polyester fabric for an attractive interior finish. This insulation keeps the Yurt warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Stove Flashing: This is a wood stove chimney exit double flashing in the side wall for safety.


Additional information including dimensions of walls, rafters, center ring, door & frame, dome, tension cable, windows, top cover and side cover are discussed on this page along with technical data on diameter, floor size, height and approximate shipping weights.




We’ve been receiving quite a few enquiries about our Yurts lately so we’ve put a page together with the most common questions people ask us.




Yurts can be ordered in 6 sizes and are available in many colours. Size and colour options are available on this page along with contact details for Yurt New Zealand.